About Us

Owners Kameron and Tino are happy to present Rural Beans Roastery

Founded in the summer of 2021 by two fraternity brothers and best friends, Rural Beans Roastery is the newest local small-batch coffee roaster in South Central Ohio. Our passion for coffee and love for people inspired us to create a product for others to enjoy at an affordable price. Whether you want a light roast or dark roast, our goal is to provide products that are packed with flavor and roasted to order. 

We strive to provide the community and surrounding areas with their everyday coffee needs, specializing in single-origin roasts for the perfect cup of coffee. Focusing on sourcing coffee from around the globe will provide customers with a one-of-a-kind coffee experience. Working in collaboration with coffee growers and professionals in the industry will allow us to provide customers with a wide range of single-origin coffees and blends in the future. Whether it is a home-brew, restaurant, or wholesale, we will provide you with your coffee needs. 


Our People:

Kameron Rinehart, Founder & Head Roaster
Kameron Rinehart
Founder & Head Roaster

A coffee lover and travel enthusiast, Kameron has traveled the world and tasted coffee everywhere along the way. Currently a Doctoral student and Graduate Assistant at Texas Tech University, Kameron is studying Agricultural Leadership. Growing up surrounded by coffee drinkers, Kameron found a love for coffee at a very young age. As time progressed, so did his passion for high-quality coffee. While traveling the world and the state, finding the best coffee possible. Kameron’s dream was to open up his own roasting business to help others have one-of-a-kind coffee experiences. With the partnership of his fraternity brother and best friend, Rural Beans Roastery was born. Kameron hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and change the world one cup of coffee at a time.

Tino Poma, Founder & Customer Service Manager
Tino Poma
Founder & Customer Service Manager 

Customer-focused and service-oriented, Tino is committed to providing clients with the best experience possible through our pledge to excellence. Currently a doctoral student at Ohio University and Certified Athletic Trainer at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, Tino is studying for his Doctorate in Athletic Training. Early mornings and late nights are nothing new to any of us, and coffee was the perfect way to combat the stress of such a demanding profession. As a former athlete and coach, he understands the need for a pick-me-up during early mornings, late nights, and extremely long days. Also, while working in customer service for his entire undergraduate career, he understands the value of providing exceptional customer service to our clients and partners.